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Who is a Guru?

March 10, 2008
Having a teacher to guide us in any field is invaluable. This is true in Spirituality as well. As Spirituality is subtle or intangible in nature, it is difficult to identify with certainty, who a spiritually evolved guide or Guru is. A Guru is very different to a teacher or a preacher. He is a beacon of spiritual light in our world and teaches us the universal spiritual principles that underlie all religions and cultures.

What if children were told to educate themselves in modern sciences without any teacher or any access to prior knowledge gained over centuries? In the same way, a guide is very much required in our spiritual journey. It stands to reason that a guide in any field needs to be an authority in that particular field. According to Spiritual science a person who is an authority in the field of Spirituality is known as a Guru.

Definition of a Guru or an evolved spiritual guide
There are various aspects to the Supreme God Principle. These various aspects of God perform specific functions in the Universe. This is pretty much akin to the government of any country which has various departments to facilitate the smooth governing and functioning of the country as a whole.

The aspect of God that looks after spiritual teaching and spiritual growth in the Universe is known as the Guru. This is known as the unseen or unmanifest Guru or the Teaching Principle of God. The unmanifest Guru pervades the entire Universe and is with us at all times during our life and even after we die. The salient and highlighting feature is that the unmanifest Guru stands by us throughout our life and slowly lifts us from our worldly life into a spiritual way of life. The Guru guides us according to our spiritual level, i.e. our capacity to imbibe knowledge.

Out of the entire population of the world, few take up spiritual practice that is universal and beyond the confines of formal, organised religion. Among these, very few people through their spiritual practice (regardless of religion of birth) attain a spiritual level of over 70% (on a scale where 0% is the spiritual level of inanimate objects and 100% of God Realised Soul). The unmanifest Guru then works completely through some of these evolved individuals who are then known as the manifest Guru or the Guru in the human form. In other words, a person has to be at least of the 70% spiritual level, to qualify as a spiritual guide or a Guru. The Guru in human form acts as a beacon of spiritual knowledge for humanity and is in total alignment with the Universal Mind and Intellect of God.

What is the importance of the Guru in the human form?
Each one of us seeks guidance from teachers, doctors, lawyers etc. in their respective fields. If a guide is needed even in these comparatively simple fields, then imagine the importance of the Guru, who releases one from the bondage of life and death and takes one closer to the Source, i.e. God Principle.

How do we recognize and acquire an evolved spiritual guide?
The Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) recommends that one should not go searching for a Guru. In almost all cases, one will not have the spiritual maturity to be able to discern as to who to choose as a spiritual guide.

When one achieves a spiritual level of around 55%, a Guru in the human form comes into one’s life. (The mode spiritual level of present day people is 20%).

In summary
The following are the key takeaway points from this article.

  • A Guru is a spiritual guide beyond the 70% spiritual level.
  • Do not go searching for a Guru, as in all likelihood you will not be able to discern for sure if the person one is looking up to is a Guru.
  • Instead do spiritual practice and ensure that it is aligned with the five basic laws of spiritual practice .
  • One cannot reach Sainthood i.e. a spiritual level of 70% without the grace of the Guru.

Understanding Gurus Of India

March 3, 2008
Most people do not know who is a Guru? They think of Guru as a human being. That is not so and that is why there are very few Gurus in the world. Hinduism defines Guru thus- If God in all his glory appears as a human being to give his grace he is called Guru. The body is only to manifest the words. It has no other meaning whatsoever. Hundreds of Indians act as Gurus in India and abroad. They are all not Gurus. They know how to speak well.All Gurus are same. No Guru is higher or lower. All are enlightened beings, at the same level. Only A Guru can make you a Guru. That takes lot of time and not everyone can become a Guru. Most of the people get lost with bogus gurus. It is the past and present karma that determines whether one will meet a true Guru. Gurus have no levels. There is no official body to recognize Gurus. Some of them may be in the Himalayas unknown to all of us. Even otherwise a Guru never says that he/she is the Guru. We get signals that we are with somebody who is all-powerful.

Brahamn is inside you. According to Hinduism, you are also Brahman. You have to recognize that and Guru helps you do that. Brahman is both visible and invisible. Helping others is one of the most important ways to reach Guru. Those who help others, get Guru’s blessings. There are many other ways. But this is one of the easiest. The other is chanting. Chanting your mantra. If Guru has yet not given you mantra, think of him and begin chanting Om Namah Shivay. Let the chant take your whole being. Slowly Guru’s grace will enter your life.

Buddha, Lord Dattatreya, Ramakrishna, Baba Nityananda and Baba Muktananda, Saibaba of Shirdi and Gurumai are some of the Gurus of India.

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