Just Mindfulness Is Enough – Part 2

Mindfulness Meditation & MoreIt is important to understand the nature of defilement, not avoid it. Watch it pass away.Even though you might be watching concept and defilement arises, watch the defilement. Because when you are knowing the nature of a defilement then it becomes paramattha. Just like when you watch your thought process. It is just another thought. It is just another defilement. Defilements are not ‘You’ or ‘Yours’. they are passing by just like thoughts.Turn them into your observations. that is all. Let them go no matter how tempting they dress up for you.Keep that observing distance between you and them.So when you observe a defilement arising don’t stay with the identifying panicking mind but the knowing of it, which is paramatha.It does not take the experience for reality but knows it as just another object arising and passing away. Stay with the knowing mind. By doing so you don’t identify and you repel kilesa (defilements) at the same time.When you are thinking with awareness, it is practising it is mindfulness. But better than that, to get the mind used to watching paramatha rather than concepts.Make it aware of concepts.It’s okay to know you are thinking, but don’t get involved.When you come back from forgetfulness, don’t look for an object look for awareness. Where is awareness? Take it from there. What is it aware of? What does it feel like?

It’s okay to stay with one object only, for some time, maybe just to give yourself a break for a while. And you can stay with one object for the whole session if you like as long as you are aware of seeing the rising and passing away.

TransformerIn Satipatthana practice there are also Jhanas. ese are degrees of absorption into moment-to-moment observation, which leads to very powerful states known as the ‘Vipassana Jhanas.’

From – Contemplation of the Mind


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