Just Mindfulness Is Enough – Part 1

The main concern is whether awareness is there or not. Not the object.Just observe: Is there knowing or forgetfulness, collected mind or scattered mind?All these techniques can be combined and used, all in one sitting if that helps to keep attention flowing.You don’t need the aid of samatha-anapana, etc. in order to boost your concentration. Just mindfulness is enough.You can just keep it simple when dealing with hindrances. Just Z them! With your Super Mindfulness eyes!Keep reading and writing to an absolute minimum and do it mindfully or it interferes with the momentum.If you are already tired, the motivation in your practice is not wholesome. Check that out. Tension might also be behind that.Present moment: at’s what we do here. If you practise like this everything will be revealed to you because everything is in present moment. Nibbana is in present moment! Consciousness is energy.Every thought is a different mind.Just observe, don’t fight.e mind doesn’t need to be tense because the object is tense or whatever. e mind watches calmly. (Actually tension can only be felt in the mind, tension is in the mind but the observing mind can be relaxed.)

from – Contemplation of the Mind


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