Seeing , hearing, tasting,not ‘I am’ thinking.-Part 1

13Nothing Added At Alle act of ‘just being’, in all its simplicity and naturalness with nothing added at all. Seeing , hearing, tasting, smelling, touching, thinking, not ‘I am’ thinking.at is the most important point, with nothing added at all. It’s just the experience of simple being of simple process.No noting. As much as you learn to do that, you will find that you become more and more peaceful because peacefulness and simplicity go together.If you want to be peaceful be very simple.If you want to ‘get somewhere’ in meditation, some certain stage or experience, remember that the harder you try the harder it becomes.If you really don’t try anything at all you’ll find that you are there.Without developing sufficient energy-intensity of the first insight you cannot go to the next insight. Actually one insight leads to another when it is ready. When it is developed sufficiently and strongly enough.But you cannot voluntarily go into another insight. We cannot do that. at will happen so don’t be in a hurry. Stay where you are and develop deep enough.You cannot push your self too hard.Right attitude behind the practice will turn into the foundation, into the strength that you need to be aware of every moment of your day. Eventually the mind becomes obedient and tamed.

From – Contemplation of the Mind


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