What is The Right Attitude for Meditation – Part 2

experience-scared-meditationObject Although you look at the body you don’t see the body you only look at the object; that is the sensations that you want to focus on. So depending on where you are practising you might find you are doing the same thing using different technique.When you have wandering mind it’s not ‘You’, that’s the nature of the mind. Stop blaming it on your self.If you look at an object directly, the mind in order to know has to visualise the object and in visualising, form always comes in. So concept is not lost.When you look at the mind and you know that the mind is not doing any kind of visualisation then you know you are at real paramattha.en you get to Dhammanupassana.Real paramattha then is Dhammanupassana.What is real paramattha? Real paramattha has only its characteristics, when you see the object you see only its characteristics, the characteristics are changing, are impermanent.When you get to real paramattha you don’t know this is heat, cold, tension. You just know that this is the changing nature of the object.e object is just object, all objects become the same as well, because identification with heat is still identification. Because identification is just a sense of what it is and it is changing.When you look through the mind you don’t think, where does this object come from, that is why you get closer to paramattha. Absolute reality.Because the object comes into the mind you don’t have to identify with the object any more. Because you know this object, object, object! Object has only one nature: Object.If you know that you are relaxed, that’s object. You can’t say that you don’t know of anything.So if you don’t think that you know of object you still know your state or mind.Later things won’t be subtle any longer, keep acknowledging that awareness is still present. You can watch your wandering mind but don’t get involved.

From – Contemplation of the Mind


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